Gallery with icons

in this example you can see icons used instead of text. It works exactly as for the captions, we simply need to place the icon inside the H4.title element. You can optionally add a text under the icon.

Click here to toggle the optional text.

<div class="tile">
 <a class="tile-inner" href="...">
  <img class="item" data-src="..." />
  <div class="caption-block">
   <div class="text-wrapper">
    <h4 class='title'><i class="budicon-plus"></i></h4>
    <!-- Add optional text here -->
    <!--<h5 class='subtitle'>VIEW</i></h5>-->

I used the Budicon set but you're free to use any set you like (FontAwesome, Material Design Icons, IonIcons etc...).